Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition – The Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition was founded in 1989 as a community-based alliance dedicated to the cleanup of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, formerly known as Rocketdyne. We helped prevent the re-licensing of SSFL’s “Hot Lab” in 1989, effectively ending nuclear activities at the site. You can read about our formation and years of struggle in, “A Loss of Innocence,” a paper prepared in 2006 for the Santa Susana Field Laboratory Advisory Panel.

SSFL Work Group – For over twenty-five years, the Santa Susana Field Laboratory Work Group has served to keep the community informed about the contamination at SSFL and assure it is thoroughly cleaned up. You can read reports and view videos of our recent meetings on our website. We encourage you to review documents related to SSFL health studies, contamination, and cleanup agreements and sign up for our email list to be informed of upcoming meetings.

Committee to Bridge the Gap – The Committee to Bridge the Gap is a non-profit nuclear policy organization focusing on issues of nuclear safety, waste disposal, proliferation, and disarmament. CBG is responsible for discovering and bringing public attention to the 1959 partial meltdown at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, which had previously been kept secret. Over the years, CBG has produced many reports on SSFL contamination and cleanup, and provided technical assistance to community groups fighting for full cleanup.

Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles – PSR-LA is a physician and health advocate organization working to protect public health from environmental toxins and nuclear threats. We have been involved in efforts to cleanup SSFL since 1979, working with community members, cleanup advocates, and elected officials for a full cleanup that will protect the health of nearby communities from exposure to SSFL’s harmful nuclear and chemical contamination.

Consumer Watchdog – Consumer Watchdog is dedicated to providing an effective voice for taxpayers and consumers in an era when special interests dominate public discourse, government and politics. In 2013, Consumer Watchdog producing a report called “Golden Wasteland” that revealed how the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) was failing to protect communities throughout California. In 2014 it produced the report, “Inside Job – How Boeing Fixers Captured Regulators and Derailed a Nuclear and Chemical Cleanup in LA’s Backyard.” You can read about Consumer Watchdog’s continuing investigation of DTSC here.

CORE Advocacy for Nuclear and Aerospace Workers and The – CORE Advocacy works to ensure that EEOICPA functions as Congress intended. We support an accurate and truthful characterization of site and worker history to guide the EEOICPA claims process and environmental cleanup. CORE Advocacy for Nuclear & Aerospace Workers supports our neighbors, our environment, and Santa Susana personnel who served the United States during the Cold War and Race to Space, by expecting DOE and Boeing to be held to their obligations under the AOC’s and EEOICPA.

Facebook Communities

Secrets of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory – This Facebook page was created by a documentary filmmaker and is “dedicated to the victims of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.” Over the years it has become a community for people impacted by SSFL, and is currently liked by 3,625 people.

Parents Against Santa Susana Field Laboratory Nuclear Disaster – This Facebook group was created in September 2017 and already had 1,056 members. It’s description reads, “As parents of West Hills, Simi Valley and surrounding communities, we are very concerned with the above average childhood cancer rates that we believe is linked to the SSFL. We want a full cleanup of the radioactive and chemical contamination so our kids can grow up safe and healthy.”

Television News

NBC Los AngelesKNBC was the first television station to break the SSFL story with Warren Olney’s expose in 1979. In 2015, NBC4’s iTeam of Joel Grover and Matthew Glasser began an in depth investigation into SSFL called, “LA’s Nuclear Secret.” The award-winning investigative series has now broadcast 8 segments, and includes a multi-media website with current and historical documents and photographs. A recent story, Cleaning Up the Santa Susana Field Lab is All About the Numbers, addresses DTSC’s draft EIR.

CBS Los AngelesCBS News Los Angeles has covered the SSFL cleanup for years, with special coverage recently related to new pediatric cancers near the site, “Concerned Parents Call for Full Cleanup of Toxic Santa Susana Site.” We also recommend a 2011 feature segment, Simi Valley Moms Work to Cleanup Radioactive Neighborhood.

Print and Online News

Los Angeles Daily NewsThe LA Daily News was the first print media to cover SSFL. Recent stories include Boeing altered its cleanup plan for toxic Santa Susana land. Here’s why that worries local leaders and How one woman’s fight is helping workers decades after Santa Susana radiation exposure.

Ventura County Star – The VC Star has covered the SSFL cleanup for decades. Recent articles include Boeing, activists launch competing websites for public to lobby state about field lab cleanup, State releases draft environmental report for planned Santa Susana Field Lab cleanup, and Boeing proposes less stringent cleanup of Santa Susana Field Lab, outraging activists. features the work of award-winning investigative journalist Michael Collins, who has written about SSFL since his 1998 Los Angeles Magazine feature investigation, “Hot Zone“. Recent articles include Toxic agency buries Santa Susana Field Laboratory cleanup. Boeing aborts cleanup of Santa Susana Field Laboratory, and State toxics department white papers over Brandeis-Bardin contamination.

Ventura County ReporterVC Reporter began covering SSFL in 2002 with the story Rocketdyne Ranch. Recent stories include the op-ed Dangerous new cleanup proposals for Rocketdyne and Greenwashing Rocketdyne.

Simi Valley Acorn – The Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Thousand Oaks Acorn papers regularly report on SSFL developments. Recent stories include Protesters want SSFL cleaned up and Plan for field lab site cleanup still vague.

Los Angeles Times – Recent LA Times coverage includes a 2014 story Santa Susana toxic cleanup effort is a mess and from 2012 Radioactive hot spots remain at former research facility’s site.

Jewish Journal – The Jewish Journal‘s coverage of SSFL has primarily focused on contamination issues at the Brandeis-Bardin institute, which borders SSFL. Recent articles include Government agencies at odds over chemical cleanup near Camp Alonim and Brandeis Bardin needs to be transparent about contamination.

Radio News

KCRWKCRW‘s recent SSFL coverage includes a 2014 segment How Boeing Blocked a Nuclear and Chemical Clean-Up in LA’s Backyard and from 2010 Residents Push for Toxic Cleanup in Santa Susana Mountains.

KPCC – Recent SSFL coverage by KPCC includes Did kids camp owner and a state agency collude to whitewash contamination risk? and Judge stops toxics regulators from approving demolition of former nuclear lab.

KQED – Investigative journalist Chris Richards covers SSFL for The California Report with recent stories Decades Later, Industry and Regulators Fail to Clean Up Former Rocket Test Site and At Contaminated Lab Site, Rigorous Cleanup Standards Again in Question.

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