The deadline to submit comments on DTSC’s draft PEIR for the SSFL cleanup has passed. DTSC projects that the final EIR will be released in the fall of 2018, as well as a Corrective Measures Study and Decision Document that will be open for public comment. You can take action now by signing the #1million parents petition and by contacting your elected officials and telling them you want SSFL fully cleaned up, as promised. Click here for information on your US Congressional representative, and click here for information on your California representatives. To stay informed, click here to sign up for the Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition mailing list for cleanup updates and information about other actions you can take to help assure that SSFL is fully cleaned up.

Here are some of the comments submitted in December 2017 on DTSC’s draft PEIR from governments, elected officials, and community, environmental, and public health groups.

Comments from Governments and Elected Officials

Comments from Community, Health, and Environmental Organizations

Below are some of the organizations, elected officials, and communities who support the promised, full cleanup of SSFL.

Community members who live near SSFL

Support for a full cleanup of SSFL has been expressed by thousands of community members living near the site. The AOC cleanup agreements received 3,700 comments in support of full cleanup. (Only about a dozen were in opposition.) Over 1,600 people signed a petition to local elected leaders urging that the cleanup agreements be upheld. And nearly 200,000 people have signed a new petition launched by parents whose children have pediatric cancer and live near SSFL.

Organizations and Elected Officials

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
Ventura County Board of Supervisors
City of Simi Valley
City of Los Angeles
Congresswoman Julia Brownley
Natural Resources Defense Council
Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition
SSFL Work Group
Susana Knolls Homeowners Association
Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles
Southern California Federation of Scientists
Committee to Bridge the Gap
Los Angeles Audubon Society
Consumer Watchdog
The Peoples’ Senate
Teens Against Toxins
Ventura County Democratic Party
North Valley Democratic Club
Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains
Simi Valley Democratic Club
Parents Against the Santa Susana Field Lab Nuclear Disaster

Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks, former Assemblywoman (current Congresswoman) Julia Brownley, Devyn Gortner, Congressman Brad Sherman, Ryan Moorman, and former LA City Councilman Greig Smith in 2010 urging Boeing to sign the cleanup agreements signed by NASA and DOE.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch Englander with community members and cleanup advocates dedicated to a full SSFL cleanup.

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